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Topfield's latest HD STB, HD DVR land in New Zealand

Darren Murph

Considering that the rest of the globe seems to be chiming in with its own tidbits of HD news, we're not surprised to see New Zealand getting in on the fun, too. Apparently, a pair of new Topfield HD devices are on sale now for folks residing in the aforementioned nation, the first of which is the TF7710HSCI HDMI Digital Satellite Receiver. Aside from the HDMI / component outputs along with digital audio support, the $388 unit sports dual CI slots to pull in Freeview transmissions and encrypted / pay TV channels. As for the $714.79 TF6000PVR ES HDMI Digital Satellite Receiver / PVR, you'll find many of the same features along with 320GB of recording space, a USB 2.0 port and an Ethernet jack for transferring shows to one's PC. Hit up the read links below for much more information on the pair.

Read - TF7710HSCI
Read - TF6000PVR ES

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