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TurpsterVision: Don't tell Adam but I've been fooling around with EVE

Mark Turpin

Every Tuesday think "T" for Turpster and take the "a" in "day", capitalise it, remove the little bit in the middle, turn it upside down and you get a "V". Put the two together and you'll have TV for TurpsterVision -- the best Internet video podcast on Massively! (Never mind that business about it being the only video podcast on Massively...)

It's Tuesday! Hooray! If you like having intellectual discussions about current political events and their impact on the everyday life of the brave men and women serving abroad fighting for our freedom then I am afraid you have come to the wrong place. I don't have a clue about the wars going on here on planet Earth. What I do know about however, is a MMO universe so vast and EPIC that I makes the petty struggles of this world seem insignificant. That is right folks; today we are flying and fighting for our very lives in the turbulent universe of EVE Online!

Join us after the break if you think you are truly hardcore enough to play in a universe where you can Alt-Tab while you are meant to be working.

As always thanks for watching folks, if you would like to ask me any questions or have any games you think you'd like to see TurpsterVision have a crack at then please leave a comment below. And remember what EVE has taught us all, don't trust anyone!

Oh and yes, that is a Rokh Battleship being used as a mining vessel...what can I say? I like to do it in style!

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