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Yak Communications throws hat in Canadian spectrum auction ring

Chris Ziegler

We're going to resist digging deep into our secret stash of yak jokes here and just concentrate on the facts: Canada's Yak Communications, a division of a larger telecom outfit Globalive, has formally submitted paperwork to get in on Canada's upcoming spectrum auction. The auction's a pretty big deal -- T-Mobile's name has been thrown around as a possible entrant -- because as Yak points out, only three companies currently own the entirety of Canada's national cellular airwaves, leaving plenty of room for improvement in the competition department. Yak's whole deal appears to be centered around a contract-free approach, something that could come as a refreshing change of pace in a country where three-year contracts are more the rule than the exception. The auction kicks off toward the end of May, and in the meantime, feel free to post yak humor of your very own (of the clean sort, of course) in comments.

[Via Mobile In Canada]

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