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Your least favorite races

Alex Ziebart

We all have our favorite races, whether we actively play them or not. Personally, I have a thing for playing Humans and I desperately want to play an Ethereal one day. At the very least, have an Ethereal presence in Wrath, even a small one.

What about your least favorite races, though? We all have those, too. We don't always have good explanations for it, but for one reason or another there's just something that drives us absolutely crazy. My #1 most hated race in Warcraft would have to be Gnolls. What do they even do? Their most famous member is Hogger, who doesn't even do anything. Okay okay, they kill people and that's bad, but they don't do do anything. At least Kobolds mine stuff up.

Tell you what, I'll go ahead and give my Top 5 after the jump. If you're interested, go ahead and read on!

  1. Gnolls - Already covered them. Boooring. They just sort of... exist, without doing much else.
  2. Moonkin/Wildkin - They're big, they're ugly, and if you could smell them, it would probably be horrible. Their only plus is Moonfire spam makes me giggle, in a good way. For the record, I'm referring to the NPCs, not the players.
  3. Furbolgs - Okay, so the questline in the Draenei starting zones was pretty awesome. That much I'll admit, but I farmed these guys for a really, REALLY long time as a Holy Priest back in the day for their patterns, and I wish I wouldn't have to see one ever again. Wrath, why do you hate me so? And really, would it hurt them to put on some more clothes? Tauren manage it well enough.
  4. Dwarves - Yes yes, I know, everyone loves Dwarves. I don't really know what it is about them that I don't like, but I think their story just doesn't grab me. Their history is very interesting, but their World of Warcraft story is boring. The Titans are neat, sure, but there's only so many Dwarven dig sites you can go to that are full of some new wacky evil thing they dug up without getting bored of it. Uh oh, raptors! Uh oh, golems! Uh oh, an Old God! Uh oh, Thrall and Jaina's hidden love shack! I play Alliance, so I have to put up with these guys every day.
  5. Naga - You were kind of lame in Azeroth, but you became pretty neat when I ran into you in Zangarmarsh. I got sick of you when I ended up Exalted with the Cenarion Expedition on two characters. I wanted to tear my eyeballs out of my head by the time we killed Lady Vashj. Then you followed me to the Black Temple. Why oh why are you going to be in Wrath of the Lich King? Leave me alone, for just awhile! Please!?

I bet you were expecting murlocs, weren't you? Murlocs are overrated.

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