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Brains and Bliss make their XBLA debut [update]

Dustin Burg

Update: There was some confusion, but Bliss Island is in fact 400 Microsoft points.

Gather the siblings, kids and parents, it's Xbox Live Arcade Wednesday and we have two brand new releases! Both Gameloft's 800 point, mind straining Brain Challenge and Codemasters' 800 point 400 point old-school Bliss Island are available for download right now and we're sure both games are eagerly awaiting your purchase. And to help with your downloading decisions, we've ever so kindly uploaded a few screenshots into their respective galleries below. Personally, we're committing to a Brain Challenge trial download, because we're curious to see how much of our noggin those virtual doctors think we use. Here's to hoping we obtain the genius stamp of approval!



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