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Breakfast Topic: Where would your characters "retire" to?


In this thread over on the WoW forums, poster Davinchi of the Chogall server asks where you'll log out for the last time.

Now for me, I don't really like the question as-is. it's sort of a bit too final, you know? I expect I have quite a few years of Warcraft playing left in me. That said, the concept is sort of fun to think about in that I have to admit I sort of have ideas where my characters might retire. I've never seen my characters as completely dependent on me. Maybe I'm just too much a Roleplayer, but I can't really make a character without seeing their personality and disposition, and what they'll end up liking and disliking, and how they react to the various quests and grinds I send them on. So I have a pretty good idea, I think, of where they might end up should I ever stop playing them to move on to other characters.

Right now, I mostly tend to think of it in terms of Northrend. My Dwarf Hunter will probably head up into the Grizzly Hills. It seems like there's some awesome hunting up there, and I can see her hitting it off with the Furbolg tribe up there. My Warlock would definitely end up studying magic at Dalaran. He's always been the type to seek after arcane knowledge, even if he digs deeper than most sane mages care to go. My druid would probably be working in Northrend somewhere to purify the land, maybe next to the Great Tree (Similar to the one in the middle of Duskwood) that's rumored to be up there in Crystalsong Forest, maybe working alongside the dryads there.

What about you? Whether it would be because you're quitting the game, or because you're moving on to a new character, or just because you like to speculate, where do you see your characters "retiring" to when all is said and done?

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