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Chinese Olympics web site accused of game piracy

Kyle Orland

China isn't exactly a stranger to video game piracy, but you'd think a major undertaking like the upcoming Beijing Olympics would be able to avoid association with this unseemly process. Not so according to Cadin Batrack, who noticed some extreme similarities between his 2006 flash game Snow Day and the Olympic site's Fuwa Fight the Olympic Clouds.

The infringing game has been removed from the Olympics site as of Monday, but two other games that are still up on the site seem cribbed directly from similar games at Ferry Halim's excellent While game cloning is nothing new in the casual games business, these Olympic site games show signs of going past simple inspiration and towards outright theft of the original Flash files themselves. The theft is especially ironic because China has itself made an intense effort to stop pirates from using their Olympic logos and mascots in unlicensed products. What's the Chinese word for hypocrisy, again?

[Via AOL Sports]

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