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Star Trek Online site mysteriously relaunches

Samuel Axon

Star Trek Online fans have suffered in informational darkness ever since the lights went out at former developer P2 Entertainment a couple of months ago. We've known for a while that the game changed hands, but whose hands carry it today? A few bits of evidence led us to speculate that Cryptic might be the new bearers of the Trek torch, but for nearly 8 weeks, we've officially heard jack squat. Zip. Nada. Some might even say "nein" if that also meant "nothing," which it doesn't.

After all that silence, we're so sensitive to anything STO-related that the slightest sound rocks our collective consciousness. That just happened when the official STO website, which had vanished into the cyber-ether, suddenly came back online with a slightly altered logo accompanied by two teasing words: "Coming Soon."

Somewhere, somehow, and with someone, things are moving forward. So continue to employ Vulcan-like patience, because an announcement is bound to come eventually.

[Via WarCry]

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