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Vertu Constellation gets monogrammed -- with Vertu's initials

Chris Ziegler

Well, this is just a little self-indulgent, is it not? Everyone's favorite purveyor of unapologetically overpriced handsets is celebrating its tenth birthday this year (holy cow, has it seriously been that long?) and to commemorate the occasion in style, it's launching a series of Constellations in a "Monogram Collection." Here's the catch, though: the phones can't be monogrammed with their owners' initials. Oh, no, that would be uncouth. Instead, the phones bear Vertu's own "V" logo emblazoned repeatedly across their rarified hides in some sort of process that takes several hours to complete. They'll be available come April 1 in Pewter, Green, Red, Sky Blue, and Cerise -- and unlike their launch date, their stratospheric price tags will sadly be no joke.

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