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Whew, Dead Space will let you pause after all

Jason Dobson

Players will be able to answer nature's call -- or any call for that matter -- in EA's upcoming survival horror title Dead Space. While an earlier report noted that the devs were considering dropping the ability to pause from the game altogether, EA's Glen Schofield has clarified things, stating that while Dead Space will let you pause the action and take a breather, inventory management will be left to the throes of real-time.

The executive producer told Stephen Totilo of MTV's Multiplayer blog that since combat in Dead Space is "happening live and in real time," players won't be able to pause their game to heal, reload, or write home while being gnawed on by whatever nasties the devs have cooked up. Noted Schofield, "You better ammo up before you begin your fight. Because you can't really be safe." Honestly, inventory we can handle; it was the fear of having to visit a urologist after having to hold it for too long that truly kept us awake at night.

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