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DOFUS Arena's Cedric Gerard takes his turn at an interview

Kyle Horner

DOFUS Arena poses a problem to us here at Massively because of it's name. On one hand we're completely into a massively game in the vein of turn-based strategy RPGs like Disgaea or Final Fantasy Tactics. While on the other hand, the name of this game makes us want to burn our eyeballs and then bury them. So when we saw this interview with Ankama Game's Cédric Gérard, it was a difficult call to make; burn and bury our eyes or write about the interview?

As you may notice, we can still see. In the end we think it was a good call, because the interview revealed some pretty cool details about the awfully-titled upcoming DOFUS Arena. What interested us the most was the technical differences between DOFUS and the newer sister-game of DOFUS Arena. Apparently the original game was created entirely in Flash, while this new PvP-centric version is based entirely on Java code.

While the original DOFUS is designed as more of a traditional massively title, DOFUS Arena is actually more of a laid-back PvP experience. There aren't any NPCs, monsters or quests to go on, just landscape to wander around in and other players to chat or battle with -- essentially the big draw here is tournaments and such. It's an interesting experiment, but when you're making a turn-based strategy MMO taking the standard path would be out of character.

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