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HD Street Fighter II beta no-shows PSN, still looks great though

Majed Athab

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Looking forward to Beta testing Street Fighter II HD Remix on your PS3? Capcom says it's not going to happen. Instead, Beta test privileges are going straight to Xbox Gold subscribers when they purchase Wolf of the Battlefield: Commando 3. Don't feel too bad fellow PSNers, the Beta is only an eight week trial of a reworked gaming classic -- a 1080p widescreen remake to be exact. It's absolutely not a reason to storm into town with torches. Absolutely not.

But hey, everything that's got a downside has an upside. To keep you from feeling down out of luck about missing the Beta, we've got tons of media for you to check out. Such as these screenshots down below. Wow, they're sho-ryu-ken good. Yep, sure looking good, had to repeat that just in case you didn't get the play on words there. If you didn't get to see the pics from Joystiq earlier, then have a look at them now. Otherwise, check out the four gameplay vids we have waiting for you after the break.

Sob, sob ... it's quite unfair that we're not getting a Beta on our side of the console pond. Oh well, the game is expected to come out later this year and so it won't be too long before we kick it old school. While the Xbox gamers enjoy their Beta, we'll be stuck watching that purple Street Fighter VHS tape again and again. You know, for nostalgia's sake. Come on, you know you have one buried in the closet somewhere. Dig it up!


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