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Hudson bringing 'classic' Bomberman to WiiWare


Hudson VP of Sales and Marketing, John Lee, hosted his own Q&A session on NeoGAF early this morning, dropping a few bombs about the company's digital distribution plans. The big reveal was confirmation of a Bomberman game for WiiWare that'll be "different" (and yet the same) as Bomberman LIVE, as it's based on the series' "classic" gameplay -- yep, just like Bomberman '93. Lee added that Bomberman will likely be "one of the few classic games" that Hudson will develop for WiiWare.

On the horizon for XBLA, Hudson is busy with an often lucrative, yet rarely respected "licensed" game ... um ... and moving quickly on ... "Yes, eventually we'll do something for PSN," Lee writes, "Now that it's doing much better, and looking more impressive each day, we are looking at bringing some franchises over." More Bomberman? Sounds like it.

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