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Lawyer might be link between Cryptic and STO

Mike Schramm

We've got on more tiny little piece of evidence to add to the mountain that already says Cryptic has been chosen as the developer for the new Star Trek Online game. Apparently a lawyer representing the unknown developers of the game sent a C&D to the folks at the Star Trek Games board saying that there is a developer with rights to the property, and that they should stop posting the IP of said developers. But those wacky forumites then connected that lawyer, one Timothy J. Harris of Morrison and Foerster LLP, with none other than Cryptic themselves, by way of Champions Online's privacy policy (he's down there in Part VI -- the first one, since there's two).

So. Nothing is still officially confirmed, and to be fair, Morrison and Foerster LLP (or "MoFo" as their webpage designates them) is a huge worldwide firm, and it could be that Timothy J. Harris is their guy for a number of videogame clients. But considering all the other evidence, it's a pretty good bet that Cryptic is working up concept art for an MMO featuring Klingons and the Borg.

[Via WarCry]

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