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Mojipittan supports Wi-Fi, still doesn't support English


We're a little wistful when we look at the new Wii Ware Kotoba Puzzle Mojipittan. It's a game built around making Japanese words, so there's kind of an inherent problem with localizing it. The Wii Ware version, just like every other version, is therefore locked away in Japan forever.

But it looks so fun! And the use of the hiragana syllabary means that novice-to-intermediate Japanese learners could play it a little without having to worry about kanji. This particular iteration of Mojipittan, in addition to only costing 1,000 Wii Points, has another feature that makes it especially interesting: online play for two players.

In addition to the normal Scrabble-like game, this Mojipittan features a "War Mode" in which players battle over board territory with their words, with the winner occupying the most space.

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