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Closed beta invites and a new movie from Warrior Epic


Possibility Space is giving away 300 closed beta invites to Warrior Epic forum readers who post a photo of their favorite food. Since this began at 6 PM CST on the 11th, and it closes at 6 PM on the 13th, chances are they're already out, but if you're feeling lucky, do go ahead and get in those forums!

In other news, there's a new movie available on their website, of a haunted mansion called the 'Faustus Estate', a name which is fraught with meaning. I love the look of the place -- it's so different from standard MMO fare, it's wonderful to watch going by. The colors are rich without being too distracting, the detail is exquisite, and the decor is downright eerie in places. I can't wait for this to open up!

[Thanks, Brice!]

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