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New Two Worlds DLC: Tainted Blood


After its announcement late last month, the first of two new downloadable content packs for Two Worlds has been released. Entitled "Tainted Blood" the new DLC offers 4 new multiplayer maps and over 35 new quests that can be accomplished with friends. The DLC also includes a new PVP multiplayer mode in which players "battle to control magical orbs within a variety of arenas." All in all, according to the press release, Tainted Blood should add 10 hours of gameplay to Two Worlds. Should you desire Tainted Blood (and who doesn't?), it will run you 600 Microsoft Points. We've received a handful of new screens of the DLC, which you can peep in the gallery below. Remember, there is still another batch of DLC planned for April as well as a full expansion called Temptation set to arrive sometime this year. We're reminding you so that you won't forget to not download those either.

[Via Press Release]


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