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US economy hurting smaller LCD brands

Steven Kim

We've already heard about how the economic slowdown in the US may be hiking up your cable bills, and it stands to reason that gadget buying will feel a pinch as well as buyers tighten their belts. But like so many other things in business, it may be the "little guys" (in this case, smaller LCD brands) that get jammed up. Even though consumers will be looking favorably at value-oriented LCDs, there are murmurs that resellers are pushing out their payment terms from 2-months to 3-4-months. It's hard to argue that a change in payment terms like this will negatively affect smaller, more tightly-budgeted manufacturers. But, we'd also like to remind folks that in the specific case intimated in the article (Syntax-Brillian), there's also the whole issue of its ill-fated LCOS efforts. On a positive note, we suggest value-oriented manufacturers tout the money-saving that staying at home with a good TV can produce (cheaper and more enjoyable than going out).

[Via TGDaily]

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