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Cox bringing flurry of HD channels to Fredericksburg, VA

Darren Murph

Cox has been beefing up the HD lineup in Eastern Virginia for some time now, but for whatever reason, residents of Fredericksburg have been casually overlooked -- until now, that is. According to a tipster, the aforementioned area will be gifted with not one, not two, but fourteen new high-definition channels "by mid-April." When all's said and done, the newcomers will bump the total HD options in the area up to 34, and if you're eager to know exactly which networks are on the way, head on the past the jump.

[Thanks, Terrance N.]

HD Channels coming to Fredericksburg, Virginia on Cox:

708 CNN HD
711 Versus/Golf HD
722 TBS HD
723 Food Network HD
725 TLC HD
727 Discovery HD
728 History Channel HD
729 Science Channel HD
730 Animal Planet HD
731 NHL Network HD
732 Travel HD
733 Cinemax HD (East)
734 Comcast SportsNet HD

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