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John Smedley comments on the SOE/SCEI marriage

Samuel Axon

The other day, Sony Online Entertainment announced that it would begin reporting to Sony Computer Entertainment, Inc. to expedite efforts to produce online content and features for the PlayStation 3. WarCry tracked down SOE president John Smedley for comments on the move.

The jist of it is that nothing within SOE will change; the move just makes it easier to coordinate the company's PS3-related projects by allowing Smedley and Kazuo Hirai (who's in charge of everything PlayStation) to work together more closely. "Being part of the PlayStation family is exciting and offers us a lot of great opportunity," Smedley said.

But opportunity for what? Are announcements of new PS3 titles forthcoming from SOE? Obviously this move is the start of a longterm investment of SOE's time in the PS3 (and maybe even the PS4), but what specifically will come of it? We're anxious to find out.

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