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Play Warlords Online, the Puzzle Quest creators' MMO

Justin McElroy

Right now, stop what you're doing. (Unless what you're doing is open-heart surgery, in which case, what are you even doing here? He's crashing!) There's nothing more important now than for you to go play Warlords Online, a new massively multiplayer online game (MMO, on the streets) from Infinity Interactive, developers of Puzzle Quest.

Basically, you'll be completing simple puzzles to earn gold, using that money to buy an army, exert your might and claim the world for your own. It's a little bare bones at the moment (not to mention the fact that the servers are getting slammed) but it reeks of promise. Seriously, there are stink lines of potential emanating from the monitor. Check it out for yourself and see if you don't agree.

[Via Massively]

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