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Tabula Rasa's PAUs make appearance on PTS

Chris Chester

Personal Armor Units, or PAUs, are one of the most highly anticipated features coming down the track for Tabula Rasa. In lieu of a mount, Destination Games is looking to give higher level players a boost in prestige by letting them tramp around and scare the newbies in giant mechanical robots. Most players have already grown accustomed to the intimidating AFS mechs, but one imagines that actually being able to pilot a similar hulking death machine will be a new and exciting experience.

As it turns out, a PAU is making an appearance in patch 1.6, in unassembled form in a garage in Foreas Base. From what we can tell, it looks to be a Grendel, the Grenadier-class PAU that is one of the few to have actually been fleshed out by the devs so far. If you check out the video we've made of the new mechanized monster after the jump, two uniformed ladies appear to be conversing in front of the half-unpacked crate, but some sort of bug is speeding their dialog along at such a clip that all we can do is pick out random words like "coolant," "duct tape," and "human flesh." PAUs powered by human flesh? Confirmed.

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