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Tavern guide for EverQuest 2's Brew Day Festival

Michael Zenke

The EverQuest II team sent over a guide for players looking forward to this year's fantastic Brew Day event. The Festival starts today, and runs through to next Friday, the 21st. Players who participate can snag themselves a Tumpy Tonic bottle for their house, and talented videomakers who create a feature for the Brew Day video contest could win a real Tumpy Tonic glass!

To make your Brew Day extra special, check out the official Tavern Guide, which lists player-run restaurants and bars. These establishments will be celebrating the event in high style, so check out the guide or read below the cut for directions to a bar on a server near you.

Disha's Delectables & Refreshments
5 Erollisi Lan, South Qeynos, Antonia Bayle Server
The scent of freshly-baked goods created with loving care by owner Disha lingers as one enters her restaurant. Specializing in fresh-baked goods, Disha serves the best fayberry muffins to be had in Qeynos! Included in the restaurant is an extra long table for large parties as wall as an attached stage in case those present have imbibed a bit too much! If you're looking for something different, step upstairs and enjoy the Tiki Room!

Scurray's Restuarant
Aerie Kholo, Kelethin, Antonia Bayle Server
Traveling the highways of Kelethin can parch even the stoutest adventurer's mouth! Scurray's Restaurant is available to all that are in the good graces of Kelethin's guards, specializing in hearty food and drink from all corners of Faydark.

The Eency Weency Spider
4 Bayle Cour, South Qeynos, Antonia Bayle Server
Telis, Disha, and even their guild leader Spindel take turns in this wonderful establishment that is nestled in the hamlets of Qeynos. Ratongas may be secretive by nature, but they certainly run a great tavern - complete with overhanging sitting areas, an extensive bar, and an immaculate kitchen. The Eency Weency Spider is something you shouldn't miss.

Shadow Maw Restaurant
1 Freedom Road, Venekor Server
The famous dish at the Shadowmaw is the vegetable stew broth with an appetizer of baked bread sticks. Some advice from the owner to budding tavern owners: never give up hope and keep trying, even if things fail at the beginning.

Faymar's Manor
5 Erollisi Lane, South Qeynos, Blackburrow Server
This restaurant and inn, established in the year 3700, has received Norrathian-wide acclaim for the top-rated cuisine and comfortable accommodations. From the shifting shadows in every corner to the readily seen spirits, this location is a treat for those with an iron will. Watch out for those stairs, you might get a surprise if you're not paying attention!

The Bookworm Cafe

15 Tranquil Way, South Qeynos, Antonia Bayle Server
If good food feeds the stomach, then a good book must feed the soul. The Bookworm Cafe has both, with an outstanding kitchen as well as a very cozy fireplace lounge.

The Scaled Hand
Timorous Heights, Antonia Bayle Server
With a beautiful up-front bar, the Scaled Hand has had patrons of Sarnak, Iksar, Kerra, Ratonga, and Human lineage. Even a few elves have been spotted on a rare occasion! Included is a study where bookworms, bards, and storytellers will find themselves right at home. To be noted: Sathirians will be slaughtered at the door.

Psia's Hammer and Kerra Club
Nettevile Market Row at the Qeynos Exchange, Antonia Bayle Server
It was the camaraderie of the Kerra Prides that resulted in the pub's signature drink, called Milk-Plus. This hearty brew consists of fresh milk bough from farmers of Thundermist Village and Blackburrow Stout. The namesake hammer came to Psia as a gift from the Dwarves of Firemyst Gully. Psia was so honored by this gift that the weapon rarely leaves her side. Proud of her accomplishment, the hammer is displayed behind the bar during business hours.

The Soulfire Club

7 Integrity Road, North Freeport, Antonia Bayle
The Soulfire Club specialized in a class and sophisticated atmosphere with a delectable menu, paired wins (they have a full and capable bar) as well as exotic entertainment and a fully-trained staff. The club has recently undergone renovations, in an effort to continually reinvent the establishment every few months to keep the ambiance new and fresh.

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