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The Hulk bashes his way onto the Wii

Candace Savino

And no, we're not talking about Hulk Hogan, but The Incredible Hulk.

When a big Hollywood movie involving a comic book character is in the works, it's often not long before a video game medium is announced. A movie based on the Hulk is coming to Hollywood for the second time in five years, so we weren't surprised when Sega announced they'd be bringing a game based on The Incredible Hulk movie to all current-gen consoles.

Marvel's less-than-jolly green giant will be hitting Wiis and other systems this June, to coincide with the movie's release. It will feature an open-world New York City environment, letting you unleash your destruction upon Manhattan, while of course saving Manhattan from destruction

If you ask us, the whole idea going on a rampage and destroying the city as a human-turned-monster reminds us of, well, Rampage.

[Via GamesPress press release]

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