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VC Friday: 'R you ready?'


So asks the front of Super R-Type's box. Of course, you won't get the box when you purchase Super R-Type on the Virtual Console (you are purchasing Super R-Type ... right?), but we couldn't resist revisiting such a deliciously bad pun. You just don't get that kind of cringeworthy wordplay on today's boxart!

The NES version of Operation Wolf also makes an appearance today, and if you ask us it's one of the very few Virtual Console games that would actually benefit from added Wiimote functionality.

  • Super R-Type -- SNES -- 800 Wii points
  • Operation Wolf -- NES -- 500 Wii points
Don't forget there's footage to get all misty-eyed about after the break!

Super R-Type (SNES)

Operation Wolf (NES)

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