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Which Pokmon would you eat?


It's a question we've all pondered at least once in our lifetimes: in the Pokémon universe, is everyone a vegetarian, or do people actually eat Pokémon? Are certain Pokémon bred for mass consumption? And, perhaps more importantly, which Pokémon are the most delicious?

We're elated that GameDaily has actually put some time into this twisted, wonderful thought process, and come up with a list of the ten Pocket Monsters that they'd most like to cook up. Some of these tasty critters are easier to come by than others; we personally see Magikarp as the salmon of the Pokémon world, while preparing a Peking-style Psyduck may be a bit more difficult. Actually, we're getting a bit hungry just thinking about this. Maybe we'll head out to the grocery store and pick up some fried Torchics for lunch.

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