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Does server progression matter?

Alex Ziebart

Daniel discussed the removal of the Essence of Immortals from the PTR and the progressive content of Quel'Danas awhile ago, and it led me to think a little about progression.

Obviously, the removal of that bit of the Sunwell Plateau isn't particularly devastating or crippling. Its inclusion could actually be crippling for the more underpopulated, raiding-light servers, holding the one or two raiding guilds back from experiencing content simply because they chose the wrong server to roll on. I can understand the removal, but my mind being the strange creature it is used this as fuel to wander to similar topics, my braincells discussing it amongst themselves.

How much does a server's progression matter? World progression is pretty universally remembered by the WoW community. Almost everyone knows world firsts, seconds and thirds. On the server level, does it matter any to you? Do you know who downed Illidan first on your server? Second? Fifth? What about Kael'thas? Will you remember who kills Kil'jaeden first?

My home server tracks all of this on our realm boards in a stickied progression thread. We have charts for Tier 4, 5 and 6 content, and we'll have one for the Sunwell. While this isn't particularly important information, it's neat to see who's where in progression, to watch raids work their way up from the ground level. As someone already hip-deep in Black Temple, it is actually very exciting to me when it's time to add another guild to the Tier 6 progression list. I love experiencing high end content, and I'm glad when someone else has a chance to see it, too.

Hm. Before I go off on too many tangents about this, do any of you play on servers that do the same? Can you name the first guild on your server to down Illidan?

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