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Halo 3 Legendary DLC details incoming and some snowy pics too

Dustin Burg

Sound the alarm and wake up your neighbors, because this week's Bungie Weekly Update confirms that next Tuesday, March 18th Bungie will reveal almost all there is all to know about the Legendary Map Pack. Details including the unveiling a new mystery map that'll join the already announced Ghost Town, other random informative bits as well as a specific release date for the new DLC. And to get us pumped for Tuesday's big reveal, Bungie posted four new images (all viewable in the gallery below) of a few vehicles we'll be seeing in the soon to be announced map and, wouldn't you know, they all have a wintry white paint job. Winterized vehicles including traditional rides like the Warthog and Mongoose as well as a snowy Scorpion and a re-balanced Hornet minus those damn, overpowered tracking missiles. So, using this knowledge and our expert analytical skills, we can pretty much confirm that one of the two yet to be announced Legendary maps will be full of snow and will be HUGE. Oh how we can't wait until Tuesday ... joy, joy, joy!


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