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MacHeist II and Speed Download 5 resolution

Mat Lu

We've commented on the MacHeist / Speed Download 5 saga before, and the entire episode clearly led to some heated passions. As a recap: Speed Download 4 was included in the MacHeist II bundle, and shortly thereafter Speed Download 5 was released. However, Yazsoft required MacHeist customers to pay an upgrade fee even though MacHeist II ran during a period where purchases of SD4 direct from Yazsoft were eligible for a free upgrade.

Anyway, after much controversy back and forth it appears that the matter is headed towards an equitable resolution. MacHeist's John Casasanta has posted in the Macheist forums that Yazsoft is now willing to offer free SD5 upgrades to MacHeist II customers until March 27. You need only enter your MacHeist details at this webpage. Alternately, for $15 you can get two SD5 licenses plus a free upgrade to SD6. Finally, if you're already paid the $15 you can request a refund, or just keep your two SD5 licenses plus free upgrade to SD6. See Yazsoft for full details.

In any case, it's good to see this matter resolved. Just remember that if you're a MacHeist II customer you have to act by March 27 to claim the free upgrade.

Thanks Phill!

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