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Robert Leatherwood is a loser, settles with Eros LLC

Tateru Nino

Texan teen, Robert Leatherwood, has settled the Second Life copyright violation lawsuit with Eros LLC, finally having admitted to also being Volkov Cattaneo - which he had previously repeatedly denied as Cattaneo, while simultaneously mocking the case against him and admitting wrongdoing and copyright violation.

As Leatherwood failed to lift a finger in his defense -- not even responding to papers served -- the court handed down a default against Leatherwood, essentially making him the loser, regardless.

Since then, Leatherwood has admitted to being Cattaneo after all (a matter which few seemed in any doubt of, in any case), saying that he'd kept mum to avoid helping Eros LLC's case (which his reticence ultimately lost him anyway) -- of course, as Cattaneo, he'd already established his liability.

Leatherwood and Eros LLC have reached a settlement agreement which will become final at some later date. Aside from an agreement barring Leatherwood/Cattaneo from copying, no other terms (either financial or conduct) of the settlement agreement are available at present.

One of the things that has been settled by all this is testing a straightforward process for tracking back Second Life users in the event of legal action -- whether they think they are impossible to locate or not.

[via Virtually Blind]

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