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It's Druid's turn for a(nother) nerf

Amanda Dean

I'm pleasantly surprised at the minimal amount of crying that Druids are doing over the reduction of Cyclone's range to twenty yards. Sure there have been complaints, but as a whole, the Druid community seems to have been pretty mature about the nerf. Hortus assured us that although the change was left out of the patch notes, it was an intended modification.

The passive response could be because it wasn't cited in the patch notes, but I'd like to think of it as Druids' recognition that all classes will face changes once patch 2.4 is released. Nohealforyou of Wildhammer noted that Cyclone more of a class perk than a core Druid ability. Thus far I have seen no protests staged about the nerf nor has there been the promise of mass exodus from the game among Druid players.

What's fascinating to me is that those who play other classes believe that a ten-yard reduction is not enough to balance crowd control. Jestur of Frostmane suggested reducing the range of Polymorph to twenty yards as well. Should CC be balanced? Cyclone is shorter, but more powerful than Polymorph, but Polymorph lasts longer with the disadvantage healing the target under the spell. Does balance mean that Sap, Fear, Freezing Trap, and all other forms of CC should have exactly the same effect? I like variation.

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