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Namco Bandai bringing Mr. Driller to Xbox Live Arcade

Jason Dobson

It's been four long years since Namco Bandai last graced us with its diminutive pink spelunker Mr. Driller in Mr. Driller Drill Spirits for the Nintendo DS. Thankfully, it's an oversight the company will soon remedy with the newly revealed Mr. Driller Online, a downloadable version of the casual puzzler currently in development for Xbox Live Arcade.

Details are currently light, though the game, which so far has only been confirmed for release in Japan this Spring, looks to stay true to the series' uber-cute roots of downward drilling and colors vibrant enough to make a box of Crayolas blush. The game will also include a handful of new modes and gameplay over Xbox Live, making the one thing that has been missing from the saccharine puzzler -- online trash talk -- a reality. Finally!

[Via Xbox 360 Fanboy]

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