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Acer prepping a console-style gaming PC based on open standards?


Don't start hawking your 360 and PS3 just yet, but it sounds like PC industry upstart Acer is considering a bid for the console market, or at least some gamer market share, with a game machine based on "open standards." Of course, this could just mean a computer built to PC Gaming Alliance specs -- Acer is on the PCGA's board -- but Acer's James T. Wong did make comparisons to Nintendo and Microsoft's offerings, calling them closed and proprietary systems. With a history of console prices subsidized by game sales, it's hard to imagine an "open" platform being able to compete in that space -- and even harder to imagine a company like Acer getting that kind of traction with the consumer -- but even if it is just a PCGA spec machine, we don't think it could come soon enough for the struggling PC gaming market.

[Via GameStar; thanks Akshay]

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