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Capcom explains lack of SF2HD beta on PSN

Ross Miller

If you're wondering why there's no PlayStation 3 beta for Super Street Fighter II Turbo Remix HD, Capcom Senior Director of Strategy Christian Svensson has offered an explanation via the official forums. What it came down to, he said, was resource constraints, and it was easier to use Xbox Live for global tests. The test will "absolutely help the PS3" and, while he would ideally like a test on both platforms, it would've caused a delay of the game.

Svensson concluded with a challenge, of sorts. "When you show me someone running a cross platform beta... I'll be impressed, because that's a hell of an investment," he said. "Lastly, keep it civil. If this thread turns to threats or hyperbole, I'm closing it." As it turns out, he did end up closing the thread. So it goes.

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