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EQII designer Kyle Valle interviewed

William Dobson

Over at EQ2Vault, one of EverQuest II's designers Kyle Vallée answered a couple of questions about his work on the game, and Rise of Kunark in particular. Vallée was the designer for three of the epic quests (Shadowknight, Brigand and Ranger) that were introduced in Game Update 42, and also for the Jarsath Wastes area in RoK. These are just some of his larger projects, and he talks about a few of the other things he has done in the interview too.

Aside from his designing, he loves to play the game as well, and his level 80 Brigand, 75 Bruiser and 70 Warden are testament to that fact. When asked if he could tell us anything about the next EQII expansion, we expectedly get nothing -- but we're assured that it will be good! View the whole interview at EQ2Vault.

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