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European Rock Band graced with exclusive tracks

Dustin Burg

Our friends in Europe have been going through a thumb-twiddling hell for a long time now, having to somehow accept the fact that they have no access to Rock Band while North American gamers have been jamming for the past few months. But know it is coming friends and know that Harmonix cares. They care so much that they'll be including a set of exclusive tracks in the PAL release.

During this weekend's UK festival, the crew over at button bandits had a chance to play the PAL version of Rock Band (yes, it exists) and obtained a complete track list. The list is nearly identical to its NTSC cousin, except for ten new exclusive additions which we posted after the break. Of course, we can't be sure how exclusive these ten tracks are to the PAL version or if North American Rock Band players will ever have a chance to purchase them. Knowing that, we're fine if we never see these tracks on North American XBLM soil. We'll let our fellow Europeans have this one ... they've suffered enough.

European Rock Band Exclusive Tracks:

  • Blur -- Beattlebum (English)
  • Oasis -- Rock 'n' Roll Star (Englsih)
  • Tokio Hotel -- Through the Monsoon (English)
  • Muse -- Hysteria (English)
  • Les Wamaps -- Manu Chao (French)
  • Indochine -- L'Aventurier (French)
  • Playmo -- New Wave (French)
  • Die Toten Hosen -- Hier Kommt Alex (German)
  • Juli -- Perfekte Welle (German)
  • H-Block X -- Countdown to Insanity (German)

    [Via Joystiq]
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