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New firmware trickling into the Nokia N95-1 ecosphere

Chris Ziegler

It's not every day that a manufacturer makes a conscientious effort to keep an older product in feature lockstep with the new, so our hats (and hearts) go out to Nokia for this latest round of love. The original Nokia N95, the European N95-1, has started getting blessed with firmware v21, which brings it in line with the N95 8GB's recent update to offer Flash Lite 3, in-browser Flash, and a host of performance and stability improvements. It seems that folks are still having limited success getting the new update via Nokia's software update app, but it's starting to trickle out there. North American N95 owners, though -- well, as you can probably guess, you're left out in the cold for the time being.

[Via Boy Genius Report and Nokia Users, thanks Jonathan]

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