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SOE President talks console MMOs, rivaling WoW

Majed Athab

GameDaily had a chat with Sony Online Entertainment president John Smedley about the recent Sony corporate shuffle and what's going to happen to SOE as a result of this. According to Smedley, the change is "an opportunity and not a restriction" as SOE will have better proximity to SCE and will possibly develop more intimately for the PS3.

He backed up his opportunity claim by stating that console MMOs have a huge potential for growth as consoles are stable online-capable platforms, and already have a large user-base. He even says that console-based MMOs could possibly rival the success of World of Warcraft.

"Console online gaming in general I think is going to be one of the next huge phases of growth in the online gaming space," said Smeldey. With SOE currently working on PS3 versions of The Agency, a DC universe MMO, and Free Realms, there's no doubt the company is putting action to words. However, could any of you see any one of these titles possibly going toe-to-toe with the king of MMOs? Console MMOs as World of Warcraft beaters, perhaps not yet. Better console MMOs soon? Most likely.

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