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WiiWare dev: XBLA is 'full of sh*t'


A little friendly trash-talk is to be expected between game developers and their various digital distribution platforms, but one anonymous WiiWare developer seems fiercely devoted to the potential of Nintendo's platform, calling Xbox Live Arcade's lineup "full of shit."

The comment comes from a discussion of Nintendo's aggressive strategy for bringing developers to the WiiWare platform. According to Develop Magazine, Nintendo is taking advantage of frustrations with Microsoft's service to entice developers over to WiiWare. According to the anonymous developer, the sheer glut of retro titles on XBLA makes it difficult for new properties to stand out (a grievance similarly aired by Jeff Minter following poor sales of his retro-styled title Space Giraffe).

Of course, any digital distribution platform is bound to eventually find itself congested with titles, a problem the brick-and-mortar retail chains have dealt with for years. Only after some time will we be able to see if WiiWare handles this title saturation any differently than XBLA.

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