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HP expands telepresence offerings with Halo Collaboration Center

Darren Murph

Although we've got a special place in our hearts for Cisco's 1080p-lovin' TelePresence Meeting system, HP's own Halo Collaboration Center ain't too shabby. Announced today as the newest member of its expanding Halo platform, the aforementioned center comes in two- and four-seat iterations and prides itself on being simple to install in a plethora of locations. Additionally, each unit is designed to "operate seamlessly with existing Halo products," and just in case you were hoping to have work follow you all the way back to the hotel, HP also announced that it's teaming up with Marriott International to install Halo Meeting Rooms in select facilities. Now, figure out how to actually get a Halo 3 deathmatch going on these things and their value increases astronomically.

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