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Panasonic SV-SD870N D-snap DAP goes 100 hours strong

Darren Murph

Nah, Panasonic's SV-SD870N isn't the longest lasting DAP we've ever laid eyes upon, but few would find the courage to kvetch over 100 hours on a full charge. The latest in Panasonic's D-snap lineup, this unit promises to cut out "83-percent" of surrounding noise (and a good chunk of battery life) at the press of a button and supports SD / SDHC cards along with direct recording if plugged into a D-dock device. Furthermore, this one is set to arrive in red, black, silver, blue and white motifs, come stocked with a 2GB SD card, boast USB 2.0 connectivity and play nice with AAC, WMA and MP3 file formats. Quite frankly, we're still a little turned off by that interface, but those unconcerned with such matters can slip one in their pocket next month.

[Via AkihabaraNews]

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