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Agent Smith returns to the Matrix

Michael Zenke

In honor of the Matrix Online's third anniversary, the development team has let a genie out of a bottle: the insidious Agent Smith virus. As foretold by the Oracle, he's returned more powerful than ever -- and operatives on both sides of the Machine war are needed to stop him. The old lady has put together a team of virologists all around the gameworld of MxO, all near key city monuments. Seek them out to get access to quests and information about stopping Smith (again).

For a real treat, log into the game on the exact anniversary: this Friday, March 21st. Between 3pm and 5pm PST (6pm and 8pm EST) the familiar faces of the MxO team will be online to chat and have some fun. Seek them out on Syntax server, in the Camon Heights Park area. Anniversary wishes, cookies, and cool in-game t-shirts are in the offing for both questers and party-goers alike. Just make sure to take the red pill in time.

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