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Beau Bridges steps out of Stargate, onto set of Max Payne

Jason Dobson

The list of names for the upcoming Max Payne movie adaptation continues to grow as Stargate SG-1's Beau Bridges has become the latest actor to join the cast, following the addition last week of That 70s Show and Family Guy's Mila Kunis as an as-yet-unnamed assassin.

Bridges looks to step into an altogether different role as a character named B.B. Hensley, which The Hollywood Reporter describes as "a former cop and mentor figure to Max Payne, who helps him track down a cunning, ruthless killer." The storied actor has played a number of different roles over the course of his career, but after three years of associating his face with that of Stargate's Major General Hank Landry, it's difficult for us to imagine him watching Mark Wahlberg's back without wanting him to pull out random quotes from Patton or Dr. Phil.

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