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Comcast bigwig joins other bigwigs at 38 Studios

Chris Chester

38 Studios, the best, most awesome MMO developer to have never announced a game, fired out a press release this afternoon, revealing that they have hired Jennifer MacLean as their new VP of Business Development. And for good reason too; Jennifer has a pretty impressive pedigree. In addition to being the Chair of the Board of Directors for the IGDA, and one of Next Gen's 100 most influential women in the game industry, Jennifer has experience as the VP and GM of Games for Comcast, and was once the Programming Director for AOL Games, which we hear is just great!

Now, while some would presume that the position VP of Business Development would be less important than, say, Producer or Lead Designer, at a team like 38 Studios it's actually considerably more important. Since 38 Studios is self-publishing their first major MMO title, it will be up to Jennifer to figure out the best way to market and monetize their product. In a world where subscription models are quickly falling out of vogue, this isn't as easy as you'd think. In any case, we're hoping the near-endless stream of developer hirings and engine purchase announcements is finally come to an end. We demand more game!

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