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EB pulls plug on radical Haze promotion [Update]

Justin McElroy

You may remember last week reading about a Canadian EB promotion that would allow you to buy Haze, play it for a week and then return it to the store for full credit. It's a great promotion, but we're not sure it makes a lot of dollars and sense for Ubisoft. That's probably a good clue as to why we're sadly reporting that the deal is no more.

MTV was told by Ubisoft that "there had been a miscommunication between the publisher's Canadian arm and the EB Games retail chain in Canada." You know, the offer seems pretty self-explanatory to us, we're not sure how a miscommunication could have happened.

EB Games: Wait, so you want us to give people full price back if they return the game within a week?
Ubisoft: Absolutely.
EB Games hangs up.
Oh, and by full price we mean $30. Hello? Are you still there?

[Update: Reader Duggy promptly pointed out that this ad is still on the EB Canada website. So, what does that mean? We're trying to find out.]

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