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Get your Dingtones here!


The DORK Club has it right: the Ding is the sound of progress. There is no finer sound on Earth than the chime, or vamp, or whoosh of leveling up. It's visceral, it's addictive, and now, it can be all yours in mp3 form! The Club has collected no less than 40 dings from various games including Tabula Rasa, Star Wars Galaxies, Final Fantasy XI, Everquest, and even Diablo 2 for completeness' sake.

Listening to all 40 one after another is an interesting experience. Some dings sound downright ominous, while others are veritably orchestral and epic. And sad as we are to admit this, just listening to them all makes us want to play them! At least one of these is going to be someone's new ringtone, guaranteed. See who stops you in public when your phone rings; it's like a geek mating call!

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