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Mini NES is as cute as a button (same size, too)

Candace Savino

Perhaps it's the little girl inside of me -- or maybe it's an issue of some deep-seated problems -- but whenever something exists in miniature form, this writer can't help but squeal.

Those who agree that small things are cute might also love this penny-sized, clay NES. There's really no purpose to owning it except that it's mini, but that seems like reason enough for us. Finding more ways to impress us, Lauren of TheClayCollection also made an Xbox 360 and an original Xbox. Whoever thought an Xbox of all things could be so adorable?

Unfortunately, there's no mini Wii currently available, but Lauren takes requests if you'd like her to make you one. She also has nice little NES controller earrings at her Etsy store, among other things.

So, are these ridiculously cute, or do we need psychological help? You decide.

[Via Technabob]

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