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Ubisoft preps for a Tom Clancy-themed MMO

Michael Zenke

Not less that two hours ago we were discussing the ways that FPSes have co-opted the trappings of MMOs, and now this. Ubisoft has announced that, as part of an IP-purchasing deal with spy-genre mogul Tom Clancy, they'll be working to create an MMO based on his works. We're just guessing what the gameplay might be like above, but company CEO Yves Guillemot seems determined to get one out the door.

The game isn't even in the works yet, as Ubisoft has little experience in the post-WoW MMO marketplace, but Yves thinks they already have the technology in-hand to make the game. He also noted the abundance of options they have as regards setting: "You have Splinter Cell, Sam Fisher, the Rainbow [Sixes], the GRAWs and all the other new creations we have. So this [IP acquisition] will make that [MMO] product a really big product." This was apparently a foregone conclusion from some time ago, according to Yves. They were merely waiting for the right opportunity to jump in. It getting a might crowded out here for anyone else?

Update: The post originally stated that Ubisoft has no experience in the MMO marketplace at all, but commenter SJS notes that's not the case: "Ubisoft does have MMO experience: they published Shadowbane and Uru in 2003 (and they were originally scheduled to publish the Matrix Online too, but the deal fell apart before the game shipped). They bought Wolfpack to be their MMO developer in 2004. And they shut Wolfpack down in 2006."

So, it would be fairer to say they have no experience in the modern MMO industry.

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