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BlackBerrys going down tomorrow -- on purpose this time

Chris Ziegler

Well, this is refreshing, we guess: a warning that RIM's North American services are going to go down before it actually happens. Waterloo sent out a note this week that it'll be taking down the giant, scary, HAL-like machines that power BlackBerrys operating in the United States and Canada tomorrow, Saturday the 22nd, from 6AM to 10AM GMT. Translated, that's 2AM to 6AM EDT, which we figure is a relatively painless period for RIM to be knocking out service, all things considered. It looks like virtually everything involving data could be affected, including sending and receiving messages, registering devices, and web browsing -- but let's be honest, if you're checking your email on your phone at 4AM, you need to put the darned thing on the nightstand and catch some shut eye.

[Via Boy Genius Report]

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