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DirecTV 11 expected to begin serving up HD in September

Darren Murph

Just as soon as the HD clock began ticking, now we've got something to pencil in on our 2008 calendar. According to a new release from DirecTV, the recently launched DirecTV 11 satellite isn't expected to become "operational" (read: start dishing out new HD channels to more subscribers in more locales) until sometime in September. If you'll recall, the same estimate was given last year on the DirecTV 10, though it lifted off several months later (in July) than the D11. Reportedly, D11 is set to "provide capacity for up to 50 additional national HD channels," and if that doesn't get your motor running, you can also look forward to seeing another bird take flight in 2009 in order to offer up space for 200 national high-def channels. Not quite 900 or anything, but we reckon there's still a few years to go.

[Via gadgetell, thanks Keith]

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